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The earth deserves worship! As our shared home, Earth deserves reverence, respect, and protection
due to its vital role in sustaining life, breathtaking beauty, and profound
cultural and spiritual significance.
Sakariya Group is embracing excellence through its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and continuous improvement across all aspects of its operations. From real estate development to mineral mining and air products production, the group prioritizes excellence in every endeavor. This is evident in its meticulous attention to detail, adherence to the highest standards of ethical conduct, and dedication to delivering exceptional value to its stakeholders. Furthermore, Sakariya Group fosters a culture of innovation, encouraging its teams to think creatively and pursue new opportunities for growth and advancement. By setting ambitious goals, embracing best practices, and continuously striving for excellence, Sakariya Group is ensuring its position as a leader in the industries it serves.
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At Sakariya Group, our corporate philosophy revolves around three core principles that guide our actions in Mining & Minerals, Real Estate, and Air Products sectors. We are committed to fair, responsible, and global business practices, aiming to fulfill societal needs and exceed stakeholder expectations. By leveraging our collective capabilities, we strive to generate economic, societal, and environmental value, ensuring sustainable growth and prosperity for all.

What we stand for

For our integrity

Our commitment to honesty and transparency builds trust and reliability.

Because we are performance-minded
We prioritise results, consistently delivering excellence and exceeding expectations.

Plans & Brochure


Sakariya Group aspires to be a global leader in Mining & Minerals, Real Estate, and Air Products, renowned for delivering excellence through expertise, integrity, performance, and inclusivity, thereby shaping and setting global standards of excellence.


The mission of Sakariya Group is to deliver excellence in every endeavor by leveraging expertise, fostering integrity, prioritizing performance, and working inclusively with industry experts and stakeholders worldwide to shape and embed standards of excellence.
The growth strategy of the Sakariya Group revolves around three key principles:
Consolidated Earnings and Corporate Value: The group is committed to enhancing its consolidated earnings while simultaneously nurturing the individual corporate value of each vertical. By leveraging the diverse expertise across group companies and strategic business units (SBUs), they aim to innovate and create new business opportunities.
Optimized Portfolio Management: The Sakariya Group dynamically allocates management resources based on the level of engagement in each business. Significant investments are made across the entire organization to develop next-generation earnings drivers.
Quality Management Professionals: The group is dedicated to cultivating high-quality management professionals. These ethical leaders possess the foresight to identify growth opportunities and the execution skills to bring them to fruition.
In essence, Sakariya Group’s growth strategy recognizes that regardless of global changes, there will always be opportunities to provide goods and services that meet societal needs and enhance our quality of life.

Governance & Leadership

At Sakariya Group, corporate governance is guided by principles of transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct. Our framework ensures clear roles, effective risk management, and robust internal controls. The Board oversees strategic direction, with independent oversight committees ensuring integrity. We foster a culture of integrity and professionalism, guided by honesty, integrity, and respect. Through continuous improvement, we uphold the highest standards of governance for sustainable growth and value creation.

Message from the CMD
As we embark on an exciting new chapter, I am filled with optimism and a deep sense of pride in what the Sakariya Group represents. Our journey, rooted in a legacy of excellence and a vision for the future, has set us on a path of remarkable growth and innovation.
Team Members
The team members of Sakariya Group include a diverse range of professionals with extensive experience across various fields, notably in real estate, mining, and air products.
Corporate Governance
Corporate governance is deeply integrated into their business operations and strategic vision. The company emphasizes a "Quality Meets Excellence" approach, which underscores its commitment to maintaining high standards in all aspects of their operations.