भूमि ही पूजनीयः

The earth deserves worship! As our shared home, Earth deserves reverence, respect, and protection
due to its vital role in sustaining life, breathtaking beauty, and profound
cultural and spiritual significance.

Message from the CMD

As we embark on an exciting new chapter, I am filled with optimism and a deep sense of pride in what the Sakariya Group represents. Our journey, rooted in a legacy of excellence and a vision for the future, has set us on a path of remarkable growth and innovation. Our dedication to surpassing the ordinary, our unwavering integrity, and our drive for performance have been the pillars of our success.

Since our inception in 2014, Sakariya Group has been on a relentless quest for excellence. Our evolution from Shree Siddhi in real estate to pioneering ventures in mineral mining in Tanzania and Mozambique, along with significant advancements in the air products sector, showcases our dynamic growth and commitment to making a positive impact.

As we look forward, our strategy is clear: to expand and diversify with a steadfast commitment to innovation, excellence, and sustainable practices. Our ventures in mining and air products are not just business expansions but reflections of our pledge to responsible and sustainable growth.

Real estate remains a foundational element of our success, with projects that redefine industry standards through quality, innovation, and timely delivery. Our collaborations with leading brands and consultants have resulted in iconic developments, transforming spaces into vibrant ecosystems.

Our future focus is on harnessing our expertise, embracing cutting-edge technology, and building strategic partnerships to foster sustainable growth. Our growth strategy, aimed at enhancing earnings, optimizing our portfolio, and developing high-quality management professionals, is designed to position Sakariya Group as a global leader.

The heart of Sakariya Group is our people. Their dedication, innovation, and expertise are the driving force behind our achievements. We are committed to nurturing a culture of inclusivity, collaboration, and empowerment, enabling our team to reach new heights of success.

In summary, as we navigate the global landscape, our commitment to excellence, innovation, and community prosperity remains unwavering. With a clear vision and a solid foundation, we are confident in our ability to achieve our goals and establish new benchmarks of excellence.

Together, let’s move forward with confidence and determination towards a brighter, more sustainable future for everyone.

Best regards,

Mr. Kalpeshbhai Patel
CMD Sakariya Group