Quality Policy

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking

The purpose of this quality policy is to provide high quality products and customer service to its clients and customers. This quality aims to provide assurance to customers, clients and other concerned individuals to the commitment of the company in providing quality products and services for all by setting guidelines to its employees on how to develop, implement and maintain its quality standards.


This quality applies to all employees and all other individuals who are concern with the quality of the products and services of the company.

Policy Statement

The company’s goal is to ensure that the needs of its customers are met, thus, continuous monitoring of customer satisfaction should be done from time to time or as necessary. Employees, after customer encounters, shall collect feedback from the customers which will be used in developing the company product and services. 


An employee shall ensure to listen to the needs of the customers and get to the core of the mater in order to provide a concrete solution. Employe should only use language appropriate for each customer. Using profinite and other offensive language shall not be allowed regardless of the customers. 

Leadership and the management 

The company is committed to providing strong leadership and management skills in developing, implementing and maintaining the quality of its products and services. Hence, employees are required to attend training sessions that aims to enhance the quality management system of the company. 

Product Testing

All products before they are introduced to the customers, undergo a stringent process to ensure their quality. This includes:
  • Getting random samples to be inspected 
  • Evaluating product specifications
  • Identifying quality defects

Continuous Improvement

The company is fully committed to giving high quality customer service to its customer. In order to reach the highest possible quality for its products and services. The company has committed itself to continuous improvement by application of practices and principals laid down by the international standard organisations.


An employee shall ensure to comply with the company rules and regulations, as well as with any other applicable legislation in evaluating the quality of the products, as well as in providing customer service.