Quality Policy, EHS & CSR

Quality policy

To achieve total customer service satisfaction in the product and services that we offer.

To provide a high quality of construction in all our projects at optimum price thereby providing sustainable value to customers.

To execute projects as per committed timeline to ensure that the interest of all the stakeholders is protected.

To create and foster an environment at workplace where employees think of and take actions for continual improvement of the organization.

Environment, Health & Safety

At Sakariya, Environment, Health and Safety is accorded the highest priority. Our endeavor is to have a safe & injury/illness free workplace. We are committed to take Proactive Steps by defining the safety procedures and systems at all stages of construction. There will be a continuous interaction with our employees to constantly create and maintain Health & Safety awareness.

It is company policy that accident prevention be a prime concern of all employees. This includes the safety and well being of our employees, subcontractors, and customers, as well as the prevention of wasteful, inefficient operations, and damage to property, equipment and environment.

  • We will ensure the EHS compliance for the job sites through a structured approach by having training programs at the site. Implementation of such systems will be strictly monitored by internal audits.
  • Protecting our environment is very important. We will optimize the use of natural resources in order to reduce pollution, minimize wastage and maximise reutilisation/recycling.
  • We shall comply with or exceed the requirements and spirit of applicable environmental legislation and regulations.


Every Human being is born with the urge and the ability to make a difference by caring for and giving something back to the society. We at Sakariya will work with the community around us by targeting education, health, water and sanitation as the key areas to impact.